Clio Anastasiou

Designer Maker based in Cardiff, Wales

Hiya everyone! I'm Clio and I set up my business in 2018 after years of searching for my passion.  I'm from the little island of Cyprus but live in Cardiff, Wales. I have a background in architecture but it took me a while to discover my love for all things wood!
I wanted to promote a different way of seeing, of a material that is otherwise taken for granted, through the creation of contemporary woodturned homeware. All products are handmade and inspired by the celebration of nature. I strive to pay respect to the natural form of wood and to focus on the raw qualities of the grain. To achieve this, I experiment with scale, as well as the combination of locally sourced wood and resin, to create material hybrids and preserve nature in time.

All wood is locally and sustainably sourced and waste is minimised by creating smaller products out of offcuts, which makes each item truly one off and unique.

Why discard a type of wood when it can provide you with the freedom of endless material choice? No shrub stem is too slim; to tree branch is too small to prevent its use in the process of making.

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